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                                                    ROSES entered into the SHOWS

                                       2013 2012  2011  2010  2009   2008 and 2007

                                                      St. John’s, Newfoundland


               2010  JCRS ROSE SHOW 24th & 25th  July 2010

                       held at the MUN Botanical Garden, St. John’s.

                                                    Photographs by ‘Joysen’

            Some of  the roses exhibited are shown below in the following groups

                                                      classified by Frank S.

             ‘Click on the link’  below each title to see the web album slide-show.


            2010 David Austin English Roses exhibited:



           2010 Canadian Bred Roses exhibited:



           2010 Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Roses exhibited:



           2010 Modern Climber Roses exhibited - Date of Introduction:



           2010 Species Roses exhibited:



           2010 Antique Roses exhibited-Rose Group and Date of Introduction:



  A list of the roses that were entered in the show is on page44.htm  ‘Click on the link’


                                                                     2009                   JCRS ROSE SHOW  25th & 26th of July  2009

                                                                                                                    held at the MUN Botanical Garden

                                                       Photographs by Frank S.    1   http://joysen.dhs.org/JCabotSocRoseShow260709FS

                                                       Photographs by Ian S.        2   http://joysen.dhs.org/JCabotRoseShow_260709  

                                                                                   Further information on the 2009 roses exhibited is below:-



#1 –2  Collection of Antique Roses.

#1 –3  Mostly Floribunda Roses.

#1—4  General display with English Roses at the front.


#1—5  English Roses (David Austin);  Front row left to right; ‘Graham Thomas’  by David M,   ‘Golden Celebration’ ‘Benjamin Britten’,  ‘Teasing Georgia’ all 3 by Frank S.         Behind; ‘Sceptered Isle  (pale pink),  ‘Abraham Darby’ (peachy) and  ‘Evelyn’ (buds only).


#1 –6  English Roses (David Austin);  Front row: ‘Sceptered Isle’ by John S.    ‘Benjamin Britten’ and ‘Evelyn’  both by Frank S.   Behind:  ‘James Galway’  by Frank  S ; an unknown;  ‘Abraham Darby’  by Frank S.

#1 –7  Some Floribunda and Hybrid Tea Roses.


#2 –22   Newfoundland Rose lovers at work!

#2 –23  ‘Graham Thomas’ an English Rose (David

                  Austin) grown by David M.

#2 –24   A Hybrid Tea Rose grown by Shirley R.

#2 –25    an unknown.

#2  -27   ‘L.D.Braithwaite’  a David Austin English

                Rose  grown by David M.

#2 -28   ‘Tropicana’ a Hybrid Tea Rose by David M.

#2 -29  ‘Charles-de-Mills’ an Antique Rose by Frank S.

#2 -41   ‘Peace’  a Hybrid Tea Rose by Shirley R.

#2 -33   Miscellaneous Floribunda Roses.

#2 -34   Miscellaneous English Roses (David Austin).

#2 -38   ‘John Cabot’ (pink) and other Explorer


#2 -39    Miscellaneous Floribunda Roses.

#2 -42    Miscellaneous Antique Roses.

                    2008          Rose Show by the ‘John Cabot Rose Society’     26th of July 2008    

                                                        held at St. Augustine’s Church Hall,  St. John’s, Newfoundland.

                                                                                                  Photographs by ‘Joysen’ 

       Images of the ‘David Austin’ English Roses exhibited are at      http://joysen.dhs.org/JCabotRoseSocDA2008

       and      Images of the variety of Roses exhibited are at              http://joysen.dhs.org/JCabotRoseSocJuly08


                                  2007        The First Rose Show held by the John Cabot Rose Society     July  2007  

                                                                                             Photographs by Frank S.



   An article on the First Rose Show (2007) by Harry McGee, the President of  National-Roses-Canada can be found on page42.htm


            Email:   NHSweb(AT)nl.rogers.com

          Please replace (AT) with @  this is 

                      to avoid web crawlers.


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       Photos:   of the 2011  JCRS ROSE SHOW  23-24 July 2011

             held at the MUN Botanical Garden,  St. John’s,  Newfoundland.                  

          Most of the roses exhibited are shown below in the following groups

          classified by Frank Smith, photographs are by Frank and ‘Joysen’.

        ‘Click on the link’  by each title to see the web-album slideshow.


                2011 David Austin English Roses exhibited



                2011 Canadian Bred Roses exhibited



               2011 Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Roses exhibited



                2011 Modern Climber Roses exhibited



                2011 Species Roses exhibited



               2011 Antique Roses exhibited



                 2011 JCRS Rose Show tables



  A list of the roses that were entered in the show is on page44.htm ‘Click on the link’ 


                21 Jan. 2015 


  2012     Photo Albums of the 2012  JCRS ROSE SHOW  4-5 August 2012

                  held at the MUN Botanical Garden,  St. John’s,  Newfoundland.                   

                       Most of the roses exhibited are shown below in the following groups

                            classified by Dr. Frank Smith, the photographs are by  ‘Joysen’.


    ‘Click on the link’ on each title to see the web-photo-album slideshow.


                 2012 David Austin English Roses exhibited                 



                 2012 Canadian Bred Roses exhibited                            



                2012 Hybrid Tea  Roses exhibited



                 2012 Floribunda Roses exhibited



                 2012 Polyantha Roses exhibited



                 2012 Climber Roses exhibited         


             2012 Antique and Species Roses exhibited


                2012 JCRS Rose Show tables


               The  2012 Show Report is on  page55.htm   ‘Click on the link’ 

A list of the roses that were entered in the show is on  page44.htm ‘Click on the link’ 




         The 2014 JCRS Rose Show photo albums  are on the main JCRS page: page41.htm

  To view the photographs of the roses in the JCRS Rose Show Albums below  by ‘Joysen’, click on the link at each title, move through the albums by clicking on the thumb-nails on the left side.

When finished return to this page John Cabot Rose Show Photograph Albums  = page43 by your browser’s down arrow, (click near the bottom of the list - it may be necessary to do this more than once),  then move on to your next selected link.  However, the instructions may vary depending on your browser.


  2013     Photographs of the 2013  JCRS ROSE SHOW  20-21 July 2013

                   held at the MUN Botanical Garden,  St. John’s, Newfoundland.


 To View:  Preferably - Click on this link’  ... To Download and Save the List:

            2013 JCRS Rose Show Canon Photo Albums.pdf


    or Click on the links’  below to see the individual Albums on the Canon website:


           2013 David Austin English Roses exhibited



           2013  Canadian Bred Roses exhibited



           2013 Hybrid Tea Roses exhibited



           2013 Floribunda Roses exhibited



           2013 Climber Roses exhibited



           2013 Species Roses exhibited



           2013 Antique Roses exhibited



Instructions to open the Canon.ca albums:  It may be advantageous to download and save  the list as the  .pdf  and work through the photo albums from there, rather than working from the website, as one can lose the list and website as the album does not open into a new window.

Alternatively, one can return to the website page and list by your browser’s down arrow in the top left corner of the screen, which may not be visible until one clicks on the back arrow, and the list of visited pages appears, then go to the bottom and ‘click’- maybe 2 or 3 times to return to the original page.

Open the blue link of the chosen album or ‘copy and paste’ into your browser. Click on the 1st image, and move through the photo album by clicking on the ‘arrow button’, images may be enlarged by clicking on each one, close the enlargement by the tab directly above the image.

Or, alternatively, see a ‘slide-show’ by clicking on the ‘screen icon’ on the right (however the captions are then not shown) and enlarge by ‘View Full Screen’.

It is also possible to download an image from the album view, if desired.

It can be viewed with an i-pad, however the layout appears differently to the above.


                         The  2013 Show Report is on  page55.htm   ‘Click on the link’ 

The 2013 and 2014 Photo Albums have been made on the Canon.ca website; the instructions are different to the  older ‘Joysen’ ones.

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